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Grand Show at Friedrichstadt Palast Berlin: FALLING | IN LOVE

You stands in the middle - a youthful soul full of passion and longing. Unaffected by predefined forms, he drifts amidst a sea of petrified faces, unable to find love. Every rejection fuels You's desire to be swallowed by the earth and escape despair.

But fate intervenes and causes the monotonous asphalt of civilization to crack beneath You's feet. He plunges into another reality and discovers a secret sanctuary of love - an exquisite hidden garden. In this enchanting realm, an extraordinary spectacle unfolds. Vibrant colors and the splendor of nature combine to embody the perennial human longing for a better world. And yet this longing for change remains hidden within the confines of ancient customs.

In the end, can a young, deaf poet find the words to break through the barriers man has erected and ignite the flame of love?

FALLING | IN LOVE' is a blossoming fantasy, seemingly surreal yet potentially tangible. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors bursting with joie de vivre and experience Berlin's dazzling show jewel. Be enchanted by dazzling costumes that feature the magic of Swarovski.

The Friedrichstadt-Palast is the most visited stage in Germany and recommended as a 'must-see' by the New York Times. In its program and dimensions, it is unique in the world: with over 100 artists on the world's largest theater stage, the world's largest ensuite shows perform here.
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