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Tour Operator: Birchys Berlin Tours 6 hours Travel method:   Walking Region / Starts from: Berlin

Private Potsdam Tour: The Prussian Palace Playground

This Potsdam tour is a day excursion from Berlin and we will see the unmissable highlights. We will cover everything from Frederick The Great’s flute to the exchange of Francis Gary Powers the American Spy pilot at the “Bridge of Spies”.

Birchy’s Berlin Royal Potsdam Tour

Starting at the Old Market the next stop is the Glienecke Brucke, more commonly known as the ‘Bridge of Spies’. From there to the first of the Royal Parks, Frederick Wilhelm II’s New Garden. This is home to not just the Marble Palace but also and the Schloss Cecilianhoff, the site of the Potsdam Conference.

After a stroll through the Old Town, and literally through the other Brandenburg Gate it is onto the jewel in Potsdam’s crown, Frederick the Great’s Park San Soucci. Once there we will pick out the highlights from the many palaces, residences and buildings present there. 

Our Birchy’s Berlin Potsdam Tour will visit:

potsdam tour from birchys berlin

The Old Market

Gleinecke Brücke (Bridge of Spies)

New Garden, Marmorpalais and Scloss Ceceilenhof (site of the Potsdam Conference)

The Dutch Quarter (Holländisches Viertel)

Park San Soucci

This is a Walking Tour Pickups are on foot 

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